Expand Globally Without the Headache

BUKU IntelliRate is an eCommerce marketplace application that acts as the shopping cart shipping rate provider service, facilitating the customization and optimization of shipping rates in your shopping cart. In addition, IntelliRate calculates and displays international taxes & duties.

Give customers a better shopping cart experience, generate revenue, & display accurate international taxes from one application.

Why IntelliRate?

Run your business while we handle your shipping. Keep your current rates, plug our app in your shopping cart & watch your shipping experience instantly improve.

Taxes and Duties

Accurate Shipping Calculations

Know your fully landed shipping cost on every order

Taxes and Duties

Taxes & Duties

Worldwide taxes & duties are calculated and reflected within your shopping cart

Taxes and Duties

Elevated Shopping Cart Experience

Put your consumers in the driver's seat. Display multiple options, delivery dates & prices.

Taxes and Duties

Manage Your Rates

Adjust your consumer’s rate to include your margin

Taxes and Duties

Professional Services

Reporting, billing, and customer support

Taxes and Duties

International Tax Filing

For users shipping internationally - ask about our add on tax filing service

Automatically calculate & display your global shipping cost & international taxes on any shipping service for any given order.

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